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  • No of words – 275
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  • Font type – Times New Roman or Arial
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For safety purposes, we let PayPal handle the payments. We do not ask our customers for their credit card details.

Money-Back Guarantee

Money-Back Gurantee

We assure you high quality services


Money back policy

What we value most is your satisfaction. We have very many returning customers and referrals due to the quality of our services. We hardly have any complaints, and when we do, we look into them promptly and offer a solution. We have a money back guarantee to protect you and ensure refunds. The main purpose of the policy is to help our customers understand how or when to ask for refunds.

Refunds can be requested before you have approved the preview version of the work or after you have already approved an order

You can request for refund before or after approval of an order

Before approval

There are three conditions under which a customer is eligible for 100% refund:

  1. After cancellation of an order that has not been assigned a writer.
  2. In case of mistakes in payments, e.g. making a payment twice.
  3. We do not have a qualified write for your paper.
  4. If your deadline has expired, and we are late on delivery. If the paper is no longer useful to you we will offer a refund, and then upload the paper on ur website as a sample, so that any scan for plagiarism will show 100% plagiarism pointing to our website.

70% refund

Cancellation of an order after half the deadline has not passed. In such an instance, the writer has started working on your paper, and because of this offering a full refund is impossible. Remember in such a case, we are obliged to pay the writer.

50% refund

  1. Cancellation of an order after half or more than half the deadline has passed, and the writer has already begun working on the order.
  2. We do not find a writer to work on your revision.

Varied percentages apply when:

  1. We delivered the order late, but it is still useful to you. In such a case you can claim a refund for lateness. The refund in such a case should be the difference between the amount you paid for when placing the order, and the amount due for the time in which the order was delivered. Example, if you selected a one day deadline and paid $50 for the paper, but we delivered after two days, and the cost of a paper with a two days deadline is $40 we will offer you a refund of $10.
  2. If you are not happy with a paper, you can ask for a revision, ask for a new writer or tell the support to place the order on dispute. Once the paper is on dispute, you can request for a refund. To set an order on dispute, you must
    • Give strong valid reasons
    • Be patient. Solving a dispute takes a long time because it involves asking for evidence to support your claims, and talking to the writer too. Sometimes the quality assurance department has to look into the work and determine its quality. This may take some days.
    • A refund is not assured. It is dependent on what the dispute resolution team decides. They can decide to give a full refund, partial refund or no refund at all.
    • Please note that a refund cannot be issued if you do not provide substantial evidence. If a request has been made and in 14 days we do not here from you, the dispute is closed.

After approval

Please understand that once your order is complete, we upload a preview version on your account. You then have 14 days to look at the paper and approve it or ask for a revision. If 14 days elapse, the order is automatically approved, and you can download it.

You can request for multiple revisions. When you click on the approve icon, it means that you are happy with the paper, and you do not need it revised. In such a case, you are not eligible to a refund, but you can seek a revision within 1 week of approval.

Please ensure that you look at the preview version before approving the order. After that you can approve the order. If you face any challenges, you can always contact our support team members.

When we offer you 100% refund, you are not allowed to use any part of the paper we delivered to you. We have full rights to the paper, and we usually upload such papers on our website as samples.

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